AJ Greenetz, a fitness instructor at Katz Jewish Community Center in Cherry Hill, holds an anti-hate sigh after a bomb scare. The NAPWP (National Association for the Protection of White People) supports the civil rights and security of the American Jewish Community.  We condemn any threats against Jews and espouse their right to feel safe in their communities.

Time for Defenders of White Rights to Ally with Jewish Community

For far too long organizations that defend the civil rights of whites have taken an anti-Jewish stance. The NAPWP supports Israel’s right to existence and security as a sovereign nation. Further, the NAPWP supports the civil rights and safety of the American Jewish Community.

We specifically mention David Duke and his various organizations, and those similar to him as prime examples espousing regrettable and deeply offensive anti-Jewish views. David Duke, during his campaign for office, was opposed by some powerful Jewish figures and made the mistake of generalizing these attacks to all Jewish people. Generalizing a few Jewish views to the whole community is always a mistake in logic. There are many friendly Jewish organizations that have supported our cause and who we thank.

The NAPWP is not a racist organization and we do not accept racists. We specifically advocate for those identifying as “White” including: Caucasians, white-Jews, white-Latinos or whites of Middle Eastern descent. There is an old saying, “The enemy of your enemy is your friend.” The defenders of white civil rights and the defenders of Jewish civil rights share many common enemies and have a lot in common. We have seen that enemies of the Jewish Community often categorize Jews together with whites in their hatred of both communities. Let’s state the obvious, many Jews look “White.” Defenders of white civil rights will get so much further ahead if we reject this antiquated and mistaken policy of attacking the Jewish Community and instead build alliances.

Fellow defenders of white civil rights, our movement has failed to produce a successful and lasting advocacy organization because we allow those filled with hate to join and bog us down. There will always be some Jewish groups against us and some for us. Our glass is half full if we can embrace those Jewish groups that support us and avoid hate so we don’t continue to alienate the Jewish Community. Now is the time to learn from our mistakes to create a more moderate organization that focuses on the positive aspects of civil rights for ALL Whites including our Jews.  Our enemies will always try to label us a “hate group” but we will have certainty they are wrong if we separate ourselves from the old-guard purveyors of hate and blaze a new path for a more successful future.

While this letter and this one organization’s positive stance toward the Jewish Community won’t solve all the wrong-headed views still held by our old-guard, going forward, we hope to change those views in the next generation of our leaders to build bridges of peace and support between our leaders and the Jewish Community.