Positive Defense of Whites

The way forward: Be Positive In Our Defense of Whites 

The goal of this post is to create a cohesive strategy for awakening our people and eventually generating a modern European cultural renaissance. It is less of a nuts-and-bolts solution, and is more of an over-arching philosophy and lifestyle, an ethos for white defenders to follow which will allow solutions to occur and to move us forward towards the results that we want.

These ideas aren’t necessarily things that I invented. I am attempting to synthesize, for your benefit, many ideas from philosophy, psychology, marketing, and elsewhere into a set of ideals that I know will work if we can hold ourselves to them. I’m calling it “Positive Defense of Whites” for lack of a better term at the moment. So what is “PDW” and what are the core ideas that make it work? Lets explore…:

Concentrate on Solutions, Not Problems

It has been proven that people will subconsciously move toward what they concentrate on. If that happens to be what they don’t want, then they will move in that direction whether they like it or not. I remember back when I was a teen, my driving instructor told us “not to look at big trucks beside you on the highway; you’ll steer right into them.” It’s a nice metaphor for many things in life. Whatever you feed in your life with your attention, that is what your mind will go to work on. If we can steer ourselves towards the solutions, and not the problems, then that will at least get us pointed in the right direction.

Speaking to many of you, I can tell that you are depressed. It seems that so many in our society are… and no wonder: so much of our society is grim. Hearing something bad or hearing about a problem creates a sensation of anger. Anger, when not acted upon, leads to feelings of frustration. This can be especially acute in men. Frustration, when built up enough, leads to feelings of futility, helplessness, and powerlessness, which is essentially “depression”. To prevent this, you can either channel your feelings of anger into activity, or you can dial back the input of negative information. I’m proposing that people do both. By concentrating on the solutions, you focus your attention away from negative input, while at the same time encouraging you to act in a way that alleviates your anger in a constructive manner.

Re-frame the Negative and Find the Positive

On the surface this feels like such a juvenile thing. There is so much negative. We are truly facing the extinction of what most of us hold most dear. It feels overwhelming. Crushing. To “pretend” to be positive sounds ridiculous. I’m not talking about pretending. It may feel that way slightly at first. I’m talking about truly making the effort to find the positive in situations. It’s always there. I can promise you that. Let me give you an example: say you read an article about a film and it’s very anti-white. Instead of concentrating on that and talking about it, look for a film that isn’t anti-white or even has pro-white messages. They do exist. The Invasion (2007) was packed full of underlying messages that support our views (which is why critics hated it!).

I’m not condoning ignorance here, I’m saying that we can’t get anywhere if we focus on the negative. Negative thoughts can be highly addictive. They will also destroy you and poison your life. Acknowledge the problems, but don’t feed them. Push forward.
The other benefit to this is that it makes our movement (and you as an individual) 1000 times more attractive to outsiders. You simply cannot attract people with a negative movement. Even in Germany, it wasn’t the anti-Semitic rhetoric that got the German people on board, it was the hope, the positive message of unification and prosperity in the face of a destitute and broken future for the working class. We know that things are bad. Lets aim toward a future that works instead of wasting our energies on a past that we cannot change. I realize that at times it can be hard to enjoy your life because it seems like “what’s the point if it’s all going out the window”. We all need to find ways to enjoy our lives though, and pull our thinking out of the venomous death spiral.

Lift your Own Race Up, Don’t Push Other Races Down

If we want to spin our wheels trying to disparage other races while our own gets wiped off the map, then I say we deserve to die. It is futile and idiotic. We need to be helping out our own people, not doing petty sniping at others. Don’t waste your energies on them. Let them do their own thing. They don’t concern us. We concern us. Try doing real-world activities to help your white community. Be prepared to fight, but put your efforts into things that actually help in the present. Add value to your community, instead of take from it. Make money so you can support causes. Be an example of what is good so others can follow it. Find locals that are in need and organize a function to tackle that need. Celebrate what is good and amazing about our own culture instead of trying to point out what is bad about other cultures. That is attractive to people. That makes people want to experience and value the things that we value about our race. The only way we’re going to create enough unity among our people to overcome the massive challenges ahead of us is to make them care about who they are. The only way we’re going to do that is by showing and demonstrating all of the good qualities of our race. Bringing down someone else might make you feel good temporarily, but it makes you look bad and it undermines your message. Be the best that you can be in your life. You represent us!

Actions, Not Words

Whenever you can, force yourself to take an action, rather than make a rant or post something. It might sound weird, but say, upon hearing something that especially makes you sad and angry about race… maybe about a child getting hurt: instead of just wallowing in that, force yourself to do something. I don’t mean seek out the guy that hurt the child and gun him down, I mean something constructive.

Maybe your neighbor has a child that likes motorcycles. Invite your neighbor and his kid over and let the child help you fix yours while his dad and you drink a beer. I don’t know. Something. Anything. Any positive action towards another white person is better than thoughts or futile posts against another non-white.

Do it right away though. Don’t give your anger time to settle inside you. Let it force you to act. We are designed to act! We are biological machines of action. See that action speaks louder than words. You will feel so much better, your race will thank you, and the world will look upon us in a better light.

Source: Unlearn was the Author of this article. He has created more than 2,000 posts on how to defend whites and been an activist for this cause since 2006.