The Most Popular Pro-White Sites

Being “Pro-White” doesn’t mean we are anti-any other race and the NAPWP recognizes all races as equal.  By definition, the job of this organization, The National Association for the Protection of White People, is to be “Pro-White” just as the job of the is to be “pro-African American.”  We take great issue with some of the organizations listed below for being racist and listing them does not condone them in anyway. To be clear, we are neither affiliated with, nor recommending any of the sites below but merely listing them for informational purposes.

We do support one of the organizations listed below, the American Freedom Party which holds to the same ideals as us and can be found at: or on Facebook at:

This list, “The Most Popular Pro-White Sites,” is by far the most popular entry on this website. To date, it has received more hits than any other page.  This list is objective — based on Alexa rankings, not merely on opinion. Also, this is just a list of the sites without descriptions.

(The number beside each link is the Global rank of the website as of the time this blog entry was published.  The lower the number, the more traffic the site receives.)

35. National Association for the Protection of White People (11,945,407)
34. (1,964,985)
33. White Genocide Project (729,537)
32. Traditionalist Youth Network (723,960)
31. IdentityEvropa (608,651)
30. American Freedom Party (394,633)
29. Darkmoon (484,342)
28. The Political Cesspool (461,837)
27. Incog Man (458,251)
26. Institute for Historical Review (422,141)
25. Gun Owners of America (398,158)
24. Vanguard News Network (378,082)
23. The White Network (339,528)
22. (338,896)
21. Southern Nationalist Network (337,160)
20. Western Voices World News (242,358)
19. Occidental Dissent (218,785)
18. Alternative Right* (215,085)
17. (296,884)
16. The White Voice (199,774)
15. The Occidental Observer (179,043)
14. The White Resister (171,731)
13. Counter-Currents Publishing (163,062)
12. (296,836)
11. NumbersUSA (118,819)
10. The British Resistance (114,141)
9. Vanguard News Network Forum (356,811)
8. British National Party (355,667)
6. VDARE (113,415)
5. Metapedia (47,966)
4. Top Conservative News (46,982)
3. Redice.TV (41,212)
2. American Renaissance (21,855)                                                                                                                             1. Stormfront (21,242)

If you know of a site that belongs on this list, please tell us about it in the comments section below or email us at: with the link.  Thanks for reading.