Legal Defense Fund

The primary mission of the NAPWP is to build a legal defense fund and create a network of lawyers willing to defend whites who are being persecuted due to their race (ie: White Firefighters or students who lose their spots because of Affirmative Action. Whites who are beaten because of their race and the local authorities deny it hate-crime status).

Eventually we would like to raise enough money to pay these lawyers willing to help.  If you’d like to donate to this cause, please click the yellow “Donate” button to the right top of this page.

For now, we are asking lawyers to volunteer their time for this cause.  If you’re an Attorney that can volunteer some of your time, please contact us at

If you can contribute toward your own legal defense, then we highly recommend you contact an Attorney that is a member of the FMI (Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc.) who share our belief in defending whites who are being persecuted due to their race.  The FMI can be found online here:

FMI’s Attorney Board of Directors:

Kyle J. Bristow    Email: BristowLaw[at]
Licensed Michigan and Ohio Attorney
Kyle Bristow of the Michigan-based Bristow Law, PLLC, practices law in the areas of civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, and appeals.

William D. Johnson   Phone: (213)-621-3000
Licensed California, Colorado, and Arizona Attorney
William Johnson of the California-based Johnson & Associates practices law in the areas of commercial litigation, real estate, franchising, intellectual property, estate planning, and land use.

Jason Robb
Licensed Arkansas Attorney
Jason Robb of the Arkansas-based Robb Law Firm, PLLC, practices law in the areas of civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, and estate planning.

Brett A. Klimkowsky
Licensed Ohio Attorney
Brett Klimkowsky of the Ohio-based Klimkowsky Law, LLC, practices law in the areas of civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, and appeals.

Augustus Invictus
Augustus Invictus earned his bachelor of arts degree in philosophy at the University of South Florida and his juris doctorate at DePaul University College of Law.  He founded The Revolutionary Conservative.

Bryan A. Reo
Law School Graduate
Bryan Reo is a law student who clerks for the Michigan-based Bristow Law, PLLC, and is knowledgeable of and experienced with civil litigation in state and federal court.

Richard B. Spencer
Richard Spencer, who coined the term “Alt-Right,” earned a bachelor of arts degree with High Distinction in English Literature and Music from the University of Virginia and earned a master of arts degree in humanities from the University of Chicago.  He has served as the president and director of the National Policy Institute.

Mike Enoch
Website Proprietor
Mike Enoch is the founder of The Right Stuff, which is a major Alt-Right “political and cultural” website established in December of 2012 that contains edgy podcasts, thought-provoking commentary, and a forum in which members can network to coordinate their activism.

James Edwards
Radio Personality and Author
James Edwards is the creator and host of The Political Cesspool radio program and the author of Racism Schmacism:  How Liberals Use The “R” Word To Push The Obama Agenda.

Ryan Sorba
Ryan Sorba is an investigative journalist who has been featured on CNN for his accomplishments and who appears frequently on television as a guest of the Dr. Drew Show.