About The NAPWP 

The goal of the NAPWP (National Association for the Protection of White People) is to create a legal defense fund for whites persecuted due to their race and to create a network of lawyers willing to defend such victims.  We especially need lawyers willing to work pro bono for white victims of racial discrimination.

We sincerely appreciate any support you can give our organization both financially and in spreading the word of our cause.

The  National Association for the Protection of White People (NAPWP) was founded on May 2nd, 1968 as a non-profit in the District of Columbia with file number 680809 to protect the new emerging minority of those who consider themselves “White” whether that be, Caucasian. White-Jewish, or White-Latino, or whites of Middle Eastern descent.    As can be seen here: http://www.bizapedia.com/dc/NATIONAL-ASSOCIATION-FOR-THE-PROTECTION-OF-WHITE-PEOPLE-NAPWP.html our non-profit status has been revoked as our government has decided the only racial-based civil rights organizations that are worthy of 501(c)(3) non-profit status are ones like the NAACP.org that advocate for the civil rights of any group other than Whites.  

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A Brief Summary of the NAPWP:

1) We are not a racist organization and do not accept racists.  Despite this, the mainstream media will label us “racist” as they do any organization that stands up for equal rights for whites.
2) We believe in and support the equality of all races. We don’t believe in “white supremacy,” or “white segregation.”
3) We specifically advocate for those identifying as “White”, including: Caucasians, white-Jews, white-Latinos or whites of Middle Eastern descent. There are already groups with far more resources than us representing other minorities, but no single group of stature advocating for the civil rights of whites.
4) We oppose violence and threats of violence.  Instead we spread our message through words and legal participation in the political process.
5) We support the rights of all civil rights groups to exist including the NAACP.org.  We wish that the Government would feel the same and grant us the same rights as the NAACP.org to 501(c)(3) non-profit status. The IRS has become a liberal, almost political organization so that our dream of 501(c)(3) non-profit status is not possible today.
6) We support a color-blind society and oppose affirmative action for any race. Affirmative action is racist as it seeks to separate us by race. The election of an African American President shows that we are beyond the need for affirmative action.
7) We support the American Freedom Party which holds to the same ideals as us and can be found at: http://TheAmericanFreedomParty.us or on Facebook  at: https://www.facebook.com/A3rdPosition   We also support the American Renaissance with Jared Taylor as is found here:  https://www.AmRen.com/