“Equal Rights for All; Special Privileges for None.”

Welcome to the National Association for the Protection of White People (NAPWP).  Our purpose is to advocate for a color blind society and to protect the rights of the emerging white minority.   The mission of the NAPWP is to create a legal defense fund for whites persecuted due to their race and to create a network of lawyers willing to defend such victims.  We especially need lawyers willing to work pro bono for white victims of racial discrimination.  Please click here to learn more: http://NAPWP.org/Legal-Defense/

The NAPWP was founded May 2nd, 1968, as a non-profit in the District of Columbia and we represent all of those who consider themselves “White” whether that be Caucasian, White-Jewish, White-Latino, or whites of Middle-Eastern descent.    As can be seen here: http://www.bizapedia.com/dc/NATIONAL-ASSOCIATION-FOR-THE-PROTECTION-OF-WHITE-PEOPLE-NAPWP.html our non-profit status has been revoked as our government has decided the only civil rights organizations that are worthy of 501(c)(3) non-profit status are ones (like the NAACP.org) that advocate for rights of any group other than whites.

Everythings Racist

Double Standard Today

In today’s society there is a double standard that if you are any other race besides white, you can stand up for your civil rights.  If you are white and try to stand up for your civil rights, the media and parts of the American society brands you as a “racist”.  The NAPWP rejects this knee jerk reaction.  We support the rights of all races to stand up for their civil rights.

What The NAPWP Stands For

1) We are not a racist organization and do not accept racists.  Despite this, the mainstream media will label us “racist” as they do any organization that stands up for equal rights for whites. We are not, in any way, associated with the KKK, David Duke, Matt Hale, or the NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People).
2) We believe in and support the equality of all races. We don’t believe in “white supremacy,” or “white segregation.”
3) We specifically advocate for those identifying as “White” including: Caucasians, white-Jews, white-Latinos or whites of Middle Eastern descent. There are already groups with far more resources than us representing other minorities, but no single group of stature advocating for the civil rights of whites.
4) We oppose violence and threats of violence.  Instead we spread our message through words and legal participation in the political process.
5) We support the rights of all civil rights groups to exist including the NAACP.org.  We wish that the Government would feel the same and grant us the same rights as the NAACP.org to 501(c)(3) non-profit status. The IRS has become a liberal, almost political organization so that our dream of 501(c)(3) non-profit status is not possible today.
6) We support a color-blind society and oppose affirmative action for any race. Affirmative action is racist as it seeks to separate us by race. The election of an African American President shows that we are beyond the need for affirmative action.
7) We support the American Freedom Party which holds to the same ideals as us and can be found at: http://TheAmericanFreedomParty.us or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/A3rdPosition

There is a crisis today in American Society as whites are increasingly discriminated against without any means of recourse.  Whites are scared to protest or stand up up for their rights for fear of being labeled a “RACIST.”  Many whites have been indoctrinated into giving up their civil rights because they have been taught that they are responsible for the crimes of slavery that they didn’t commit.  They have been brainwashed through liberal professors and society to carry “white shame,” even though no living white American had anything to do with slavery.

Black on white crimes are rarely categorized as a “Hate Crime” even though it should be.   “Hate Crimes” carry more sever punishments and are most often used for “white on black” crimes.  The mainstream media is scared to even print that the perpetrators of crime were black, but feel free to point out when the perpetrators are white.  The criminal justice system kotows to the civil rights groups and tends to not equally prosecute “black on white” crime.

Even though whites are emerging as a minority in our society, affirmative action policies still give a huge advantages in employment and college admittance to non-whites.  As the numbers and votes of whites continues to decrease, the chances of repealing these anti-white hiring and admittance policies is less and less likely.  Why would the new majority ever repeal policies that benefit them?   Today, you can only take pride in your ethnic background if you are non-white.  Whites who take pride in their ethnicity are quickly labeled as “RACISTS.”

black-panther-voter-intimidationIf whites ever dared to block voting access to non-whites, they would be put in jail as they should be.  But in the 2008 election, the Obama Administration chose to not prosecute the members of the Black Panther Party intimidating voters with batons in front of Philadelphia polling places.

Whites today are the new emerging minority. The demographic shifts in U.S. population has been going on for quite some time now, with the biggest changes taking place largely because of declining birth rates among white American and a combination of immigration and higher birth rates among minority groups, especially Latinos. Now, we are about to reach a point where white Americans will no longer be 50% of the population in a very short period of time:  For the first time, America’s racial and ethnic minorities now make up about half of the under-5 age group, the government said Thursday. It’s a historic shift that shows how young people are at the forefront of sweeping changes by race and class.

The new census estimates, a snapshot of the U.S. population as of July 2012, comes a year after the Census Bureau reported that whites had fallen to a minority among babies. Fueled by immigration and high rates of birth, particularly among Hispanics, racial and ethnic minorities are now growing more rapidly in numbers than whites. Based on current rates of growth, whites in the under-5 group are expected to tip to a minority this year or next, Thomas Mesenbourg, the Census Bureau’s acting director, said.

The government also projects that in five years, minorities will make up more than half of children under 18. Not long after, the total U.S. white population will begin an inexorable decline in absolute numbers, due to aging baby boomers.

The latest census numbers show:
—The population younger than 5 stood at 49.9 percent minority in 2012.
—For the first time in more than a century, the number of deaths now exceeds births among white Americans. This “natural decrease” occurred several years before the government’s original projection, a sign of the white population decline soon to arrive. For now, the white population is still increasing slightly, due to immigration from Europe.
—As a whole, the nonwhite population increased by 1.9 percent to 116 million, or 37 percent of the U.S. The fastest percentage growth is among multiracial Americans, followed by Asians and Hispanics. Non-Hispanic whites make up 63 percent of the U.S.; Hispanics, 17 percent; blacks, 12.3 percent; Asians, 5 percent; and multiracial Americans, 2.4 percent.
—About 353 of the nation’s 3,143 counties, or 11 percent, are now “majority-minority.” Six of those counties tipped to that status last year: Mecklenburg, N.C.; Cherokee, Okla.; Texas, Okla.; Bell, Texas; Hockley, Texas; and Terrell, Texas.
—In 2012, 13 states and the District of Columbia had an under-5 age population that was “majority-minority,” up from five states in 2000. In 25 states and the District of Columbia, minorities now make up more than 40 percent of the under-5 group.
—Among the under-5 age group, 22 percent live in poverty, typically in more rural states such as Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. Black toddlers were most likely to be poor, at 41 percent, followed by Hispanics at 32 percent and whites at 13 percent. Asian toddlers had a poverty rate of 11 percent. http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/whites-will-soon-be-a-minority-of-the-u-s-population/

Welcome to your new minority status without the ability to stand up for your minority civil rights.